All of our sauces are brewed in a commercial kitchen using natural ingredients that are home-grown, hand foraged and sourced locally whenever possible.   There are no fillers, preservatives, water or thickening agents in our recipes.  If you have a specific question about our process or ingredients please contact us at cantotwentysix@gmail.com

Can I buy your sauces at a store?

Yes! Our Sauces are available for in person shopping at the following locations across Saskatchewan:

- Christies II Secondo - 802c Broadway Ave, Saskatoon. 

-The Cottage - 1814b Lorne Ave, Saskatoon.

-Glitch Gifts - 510 33rd St W, Saskatoon. 

-The Hobnobber - 417 33rd St W, Saskatoon. 

-The High Maintenance Hippie- 825 Centennial Blvd, Warman SK 

-The Wandering Market - 461 Athabasca St E, Moose Jaw SK 

We love it when our customers support these amazing local businesses!

What is the shelf life of your sauces?

Vinegar and chilies are great natural preservatives.  All of our sauces are vinegar based, use fresh ingredients, contain no oil, and no unnatural preservatives. We recommend an “enjoy by” date of 8 months unopened and unrefrigerated to get the full sauce experience we intend.  But fear not! After this time the sauce is perfectly safe to eat, (and still delicious). But with time, herbs, chilies and garlic may darken naturally, and fresh flavors such as ginger and basil may dull slightly.  

Separation is natural, be sure to give your sauce a stern shake before use.  Refrigerate after opening and avoid contaminating the bottle with other foods.  

When will (x) sauce be restocked?

We are continuously brewing small batches of sauce to ensure we are offering the freshest product possible. Many of our fresh locally sourced ingredients, such as the Saskatchewan sour cherries featured in Cerasis in Red Death are only seasonally available.  Follow us on instagram @cantohotsauce or join our mailing list to get advance notifications of  when we will be back in stock!  

How hot are the sauces?

Heat is a very subjective experience, we do our best to rate our sauces on a scale of 1-10 based on feedback and comparisons, but ultimately each customer will experience the heat a little differently.  Most of our sauces are designed to provide a "slow burn", flavour first experience. The capsaicin (heat) in hot peppers can vary depending on growing conditions, time of year, and harvesting practices.  Since our sauces are made from fresh produce and all-natural ingredients, sometimes the color and heat may vary slightly from batch to batch, but the flavor will stay the same.

What foods should I put your sauces on?

We put them on and in just about everything we eat, and according to our customers they do too!  We love hearing what new and amazing concoctions you come up with, and are working on collecting recipes to share on the site very soon! 

When will I receive my order?

For local Deliveries (Saskatoon only): 

If you are taking advantage of our free, contactless, local delivery in Saskatoon, we arrange guaranteed delivery days every weekend. But, if you place your order earlier in the week, we will do everything we can to get it out to you within 3 days of purchase. 

Mail order: 

We mail out orders twice a week, Generally on Tuesday and Friday. If you order on a mailing day, your order will be sent on our next mailing day.  We currently only ship within Canada via Canada Post. (To our US friends, we are working on it!)

What if I have special delivery requirements? 

Please leave us with your preferred method of contact.  For local deliveries we typically arrange to deliver to a porch or mailbox.  Contact us, or leave a note in the order comments if you live in an apartment or have other special delivery requirements. 

I live in Saskatoon but I am not seeing the "free local delivery" option at Checkout.

Some addresses can be fussy in our system.  If you have a Saskatoon address but are not getting the option for free delivery, double check your postal code is correct in the system by allowing your address information to autofill. If you live in an apartment, ensure the apartment number is on a separate line.   If that does not fix the issue, please fill in the following dummy shipping address of 326 11th Street East, Saskatoon SK, S7N 0E7 and put your real local address in the comments.

Or simply contact us, we are happy to help!

 Can I pick up my order somewhere?  I will be coming through Saskatoon from out of town, or live in Saskatoon but do not want delivery.

For immediate sauce-in-hand check out one of our local retail partners listed above. 

If you prefer to pick up a website order in Saskatoon please contact us via email (cantotwentysix@gmail.com) or Instagram (@cantohotsauce) to arrange a time and pickup address.  

Can the sauces be frozen?

While our sauces are definitely hot, they will freeze in cold temperatures!  They are bottled in glass and subject to expansion and potential breakage in sub zero conditions. If you are ordering for local delivery during the lovely Canadian winter, we will contact you to arrange a delivery time to ensure your sauces do not freeze while waiting patiently for you to come home.  If you have ordered via mail in the winter, we will leave instructions for the shipper to not leave the package outside.  

We cannot accept returns on our sauces, but if your order arrives damaged in the mail, please keep the package and contact the shipper to file a claim, and let us know at Cantotwentysix@gmail.com so we can make it right!